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   Determine your website worth with some simple value tools [29/10 09:13AM]   
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Determining what your website worth is not as easy as you may think. Although you may be able to track the exact dollar amount you spent on the website, that does not necessarily add up to what the website overall worth is. And some of what you spent on the website will not be a part of the evaluation process, though you think it should be. Like the web design costs, since most of the time, the company that buys your website will redesign it anyway.

So what do you look at when calculating what your website worth is?

  • Traffic – how many people come to your website adds up to real dollar value. Do not take this for granted. Most websites work long and hard to get a higher traffic, and if you already have it, buyers will pay a high premium for it.
  • Domain – you domain is very important for website value. The longer you have had it, the better. Also, if you have a lot of traffic, that makes the domain even better.
  • Revenue – no matter how many ways you have to generate money on your website, money will always be worth its own weight. What you currently make, is a small portion of what you should charge.
  • Future help – If you can add at least a month’s worth of content to your future buyer, you can add a lot of value! Many websites that change from one owner to the other will lose traffic and therefore revenue or page rank. To ease the transition, you can offer the potential buyer some future content to more subtly change hands and keep the traffic through the change-over.
  • Contracts – if you are currently in a contract or several with advertisers or other websites you work with, that can be huge. Again, changing a website from one owner to another often results in a big loss of income. To help prevent that, contracts that are still intact will help the new owner create and maintain relationships that prove valuable through current income.

There are also many things that cannot be considered when finding what your website worth is. Here are some examples:

  • Initial cost – Most websites cost several thousand dollars just to get up and running with a sleek design. Though you may have paid a pretty penny to get the website looking like it does, that will not charm a future buyer.
  • Your cost – Many website owners pay themselves more than they are worth and buyers see right through that. You probably have valuable things to offer, but if you were worth that much, why are you selling the website? Why not make it more incredible since you think you are worth it?
  • Potential – This is another way you can come across like you have no idea what you are talking about to a buyer. They have the revenue history; they can make a prediction of where it will go. If they need your help, they will hire you.




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